Bravo EVT-168 Electric Scooter - Reviews
Single Bravo EVT-168
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Pro: Convenience (6), Mileage / Distance (5), Speed (5), Charge Time (5)
Best Uses: Daily Commuting (6), Short Errands (6)
Lovin' it!
By Rob from Petaluma, CA on 4/29/2012
Pro: Mileage / Distance, Convenience, Charge Time
Con: Speed
Best Uses: Daily Commuting, Short Errands
Describe Yourself: Professional
So far, I'm loving my EVT. I purchased it used from someone 25 miles from home. Apparently it wasn't fully charged, and I limped the last mile home. Then found out that the charger was dead. Total frustration.

I emailed Bravo about a replacement, and was helped by Nathan, who has been a wealth of info. If sent me PDFs of the manual, directed me to where I could get a new charger, and has answered all my questions quickly and clearly. So not only have I enjoyed the scooter, but I've been blown away by the customer service.

So far, I use it to commute, to ride to the tennis courts on weekends, and to take it to the store for small errands.
Supports surprising % of commuter needs
By Black Bart from Bellingham, WA on 2/13/2009
Pro: Mileage / Distance, Convenience, Speed, Charge Time
Best Uses: Daily Commuting, Short Errands
Describe Yourself: Professional
I was surpised after I started riding the scooter, how many of my trips turned out to be the short errands that the scooter was a perfect fit. On top of the fact that I am saving on gas as well as wear and tear on my car, it is fun and I can pull up to the front door of most establishments instead of spending time looking for a parking spot. I use the Scooter to comute to work which accounts for approximately 75 miles per week. I have gone from filling up my truck every 10 days to about once a month during the summer.
I have not had any mechanical issues with the scooter to date. Take it for granted now that I can jump on and off I go.
Weather can be an issue but I surprise, even myself, how often I elect to ride instead of get in the car, even with the threat of rain. (Have my shell stuffed under my seat just in case.) Winter and ice typicaly shut down my riding between Nov and March but other than that, I suspect I use the scooter for 75% of my in town commuting needs.
Even though I am far from "green" in terms of my other energy needs, I do feel good about my contribution riding the scooter.
Great for Commute, Unless it Rains.
By Daily Commuter from Washington on 1/15/2009
Pro: Mileage / Distance, Convenience, Speed
Con: Charge Time
Best Uses: Daily Commuting, Short Errands
Describe Yourself: Professional
Gets me to college
By Scooter Brit from Kirkland on 12/19/2010
Pro: Mileage / Distance, Convenience, Speed, Charge Time
Best Uses: Daily Commuting, Short Errands
Describe Yourself: Student
This might have been part of my midlife crisis, but I'm so glad I got myself a scooter. I'm also glad I got the largest box for the back I could find. I ride my scooter on local errands but mainly for getting to college with my books. It's very easy to charge and drive. My route has low speed limits so I'm rarely making anyone drive slowly.

I have the lithium battery which makes the vehicle nippier. I'm only 116lbs and can get it up to 38mph on the level. I usually drive in Power, not Economy mode.

Best thing I ever did! Shame I can't get to my internship on the scooter.
Great for my Commute!
By V from Bellingham WA on 9/29/2010
Pro: Mileage / Distance, Convenience, Speed, Charge Time
Best Uses: Daily Commuting, Short Errands, Weekend Joy Rides
Describe Yourself: Professional
I live 9 miles from the office and I love it. There are mostly back roads, winding through the countryside and with the scooter being so quiet I can still hear the birds and cows! It is lovely. I plug in the scooter while at the office so on the way home in a 50mph zone and going up hill I have very little loss of power. I can still do about 30mph (I drive on the shoulder). It is fun and others seem to get a kick out of the old lady on the orange scooter. My grand kids love it too. We use it to run up to the farm stand or the corner market. The veggies fit in the front basket (added accessory) and the gallon of milk in the back trunk (also an added accessory). It is really fun and I know I am doing my part by being green.
Thanks BEV!!!
I love my scooter!
By Rhenne from Portland, Oregon on 6/19/2009
Pro: Convenience, Speed, Charge Time
Con: Mileage / Distance
Best Uses: Daily Commuting, Short Errands, Car Replacement
Describe Yourself: Student, Professional
I have really been enjoying my electric scooter. It is great for zipping around town. When I absolutely need a car I use a car-share service. I do wish there were more places that accommodated electric vehicle re-charging though. I get an average of 20 miles per charge---it starts beeping between the 2 and 3 range after I have been using the power setting and getting up to 35-40 miles an hour! The only problem I have had that is driving me crazy is that the rear view mirrors become loose and spin around. I got them tightened and glued back but then the electric vehicle place in town went out of business and I need to find a place to take it. I was told this is a normal thing for scooters and, I suppose I need to figure out how to maintain it myself. Overall, the scooter is a blast and SO quiet! I do have people ask me, "Is that electric?" I feel proud to be using this vehicle!