Bravo Electric Vehicles Offers EVT Electric Scooters - June 30, 2007
Newsroom2007Bravo Electric Vehicles Offers EVT Electric Scooters
Bellingham, WA - Saturday, June 30, 2007 - Bravo Electric Vehicles, Inc., a new Bellingham-based company, is proud to offer the latest in electric vehicle technology. With distribution facilities in Bellingham Wash., Phoenix, Ariz., and Atlanta, Ga., Bravo is able to effectively and efficiently ship electric vehicles throughout North America.

With increasing concern over high gasoline prices, car emissions and a finite fossil fuel supply, consumer demand for alternative forms of transportation is on the rise. Electric vehicles are proving to be a popular option.

Bravo has started its product offering as a direct distributor of Electric Vehicles Technology Co., Ltd. of Taiwan (EVT). EVT's line of electric scooters, the EVT-168 and EVT-4000e, feature an innovative direct drive hub motor that uses no belts or chains, requires no fuel and emits zero emissions.

With its headquarters in the Pacific Northwest, Bravo is ideally located in a region recognized for its alternative energy innovations. For example, a primary source of energy throughout the west coast is the hydroelectricity provided by the Columbia River. Additionally, Oregon and California have instituted some of the most progressive solar power rebates and incentives in the United States.

Bravo recognizes these movements, and is starting a mission of its own: a greener commute. Not only in the products that Bravo sells, but in the way their products are delivered. Quick and easy shipping from Washington, Arizona or Georgia means lower shipping costs and less fossil fuel burned to deliver Bravo products to your doorstep. Bravo wants to reduce the carbon footprint of your commute all the way from manufacturing and shipping, to your drive home.

As a full-service electric vehicle distributor, Bravo wants to make it easy to sell the vehicles and the technology. For that reason you can look to Bravo to provide tools to make the selling job easier: selling aids, hassle-free warranty claims, progressive dealer financing programs and an active end-consumer marketing campaign are all part of the package when you join the Bravo Dealership family. Contact Bravo Electric vehicles at or on the web at to become a Bravo dealer.

Bravo Electric Vehicles, Inc. is an importer and distributor of the latest in electric vehicle technology. With distribution facilities in Bellingham, WA, Phoenix, AZ and Atlanta, GA, Bravo is building a national presence with dealer distribution across North America.

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