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RVer Discover EVT Scooters Ah, the freedom of the open road in your luxurious RV. You’ve left the cramped quarters of tent camping far behind you…years behind, in fact. And that’s okay... your RV has a lot more room. Plenty of room to live and relax... why, you've got enough space to host a dinner for six. It's truly your home on wheels... until you need to go to the store for eggs. Then it feels like you have to bring your entire house with you. Sure, you could tow a car behind your rig, but is that really necessary?

Good news! An electric scooter from EVT may be the answer to your dilemma.

They're easy to transport and easy to ride, and the retro-styled EVT-168, the streamlined EVT-4000e and the unique 3-wheeled EVT-368 each offer plenty of range and speed for those local errands. Getting to the store goes from being a pain... to a reason to smile and grab your helmet!

EVT scooters offer reliable, low-maintenance transportation because we know you don't want to interrupt your travels to play mechanic. Whether you choose the value-priced base models or choose to upgrade to lithium-ion batteries, your scooter will require almost no attention from you to be ready for your next outing. After riding for as far as 30 miles, at speeds up to 30 mph, your scooter recharges in 4-6 hours, plugged into a standard household 110v outlet. And, don't worry, the gauges on our scooters provide a simple, color-coded indication of your remaining charge so you won't be caught by surprise mid-trip.

We want you to have choices, so we offer our three scooter models in a variety of colors. We also offer a range of accessories that include a locking rear storage compartment. Design your scooter to reflect your personality and head down the road!

Re-energize your RV travels with the addition of an electric scooter from EVT. Visit a dealer near you to learn more and take a test ride!